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In this episode, Tyge Dellar and the team from Bunnings transform homeowner Iman’s home into a healthy one ready for winter!

If your home has been feeling draughty or cold, you may be suffering from the same common problems that Iman’s home has. Cracks in the weatherboard, old insulation, the wrong type of curtains and even your windows could be letting in that chilly draught.

Never fear, in this video you’ll be able to see just how easy it is to fix these problems at home and transform your own space into the cosiest, warmest space in time for winter. Tyge and the Bunnings team show you how to seal off windows, glaze windows, shop for the right curtains and so much more! All these things will help to effectively insulate your home, saving you energy, money and warmth.

Make sure you watch until the end for Iman’s reaction to his new space!

Transformed living room with round dining table, chairs, curtains and wall prints

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Transformed living room with couch, lamp, side table, curtains and air conditioner.
Before shot of the living space with double window and drab sheer curtain