How to remove a door jamb

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How to remove a door jamb

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Project Overview

The door jamb is the timber frame that surrounds a doorway. We will show you how to pry the sides of the jamb off and a quick way to remove the header plate. You will also learn about the tools you can use to make the job easier.
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Step by Step Instructions

1 Pry off the sides of the door jamb
2 Remove the door jamb
  • Step 1. Pry off the sides of the door jamb

    Insert a wrecking bar into the gap between the door jamb and the wall. Start on one side down near the bottom and work your way up, prying the timber off as you go. Once the first side is off, do the same on the other side. If you can’t find a gap, you may need to remove some architrave first. If so, check out our How to remove architraves video.
  • Step 2. Remove the door jamb

    Once the sides have been pried loose, tilt them in towards the centre. Then, using them as handles, push and pull the whole door jamb until the top of the jamb comes loose from its nails. Finish the job by knocking any loose nails down or pulling them out with your claw hammer.

Tools and Materials


  • Gloves
  • Hammer
  • Safety glasses
  • Wrecking bar
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