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contemporary bathroom with freestanding bath, timber vanity and dark tiles
Sporting deep-toned and textured finishes, a dark and handsome modern bathroom is a surprisingly soothing space to begin your day, or to unwind at the end of it.

Why choose a dark bathroom colour scheme

Bold, beautiful and opulent, a bathroom scheme built around clean modern lines and a dark and moody colour scheme is a masterclass in understated elegance. Deep-toned and textured finishes, in shades of black or charcoal, instantly give a modern bathroom an air of sophistication and hotel-style luxury.

Moody material choices

Large format charcoal wall tiles are the starting point for this modern bathroom, creating a moody backdrop that recedes into the background and hands centre stage position to the marble-look wall panels. Good lighting is key to the success of this daring palette; here, natural light illuminates the space, while smoky-hued glass pendants are a glamorous touch that provides practical lighting either side of the vanity. The oversized freestanding tub, paired with a floor-mounted spout, is the epitome of indulgence. The timber-look texture of the wall-mounted vanity bring this luxe look back down to earth, grounding the style and providing an element of warmth.

More details to consider

Storage is the secret to achieving the clean lines that characterise contemporary design. Plan for clear spaces and minimal clutter by incorporating vanity storage or a mirrored cabinet – or both! To keep the style seamless and the focus on the opulent finishes, recess the cabinets into the wall so the mirror sits flush.

Tiles are one way to capture a dark, contemporary look, but they’re not the only avenue. Consider a bold, black bathtub, matt black tapware, black light fittings – or all of the above!

If this is your style…

You’ll love our dark contemporary kitchen! Check out our guide on how to master this look in your cooking space.


Photo Credit: Alejandro Sosa 3D

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