How to level concrete

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How to level concrete

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Project Overview

Concrete is a great option for plenty of D.I.Y. jobs around the house. We’ll show you how to do the job right. You’ll learn how to level and smooth the surface of concrete. Plus, you will see how to properly use a straight edge and a finishing float. 
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Step by Step Instructions

1 Level the concrete to the formwork
2 Smooth the surface of the concrete
  • Step 1. Level the concrete to the formwork

    Use your square mouth shovel to spread the wet concrete evenly around the inside of the formwork. Make sure all the corners are properly filled. Leave the concrete raised 1cm or so above the formwork. Then use your straight edge to level the surface. Work the straight edge side to side across the formwork, pulling it from one end towards the other. The straight edge will drag the raised 1cm of concrete in front of it, levelling the surface.
  • Step 2. Smooth the surface of the concrete

    Once the concrete is level, use your finishing float to smooth out the surface. Gently glide the flat of the blade across the top of the concrete. This works out any small imperfections left by the straight edge. Finish by removing any wet concrete that’s spilled over onto joining surfaces. And don’t forget to clean your tools before the concrete dries.

Tools and Materials


  • Gloves
  • Safety glasses
  • Square mouth shovel
  • Straight edge


  • Concrete finishing float
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