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How To Build a Compost Bin

Reduce the amount of waste you throw out and revitalise your garden at the same time with this simple to make compost bin. An easy project you can put together in an afternoon.

What You’ll Need:

how-to-make-compost-bin_296x296 how-to-make-compost-bin_296x296

Step 1: Cut Your Timber

Cut your planks in 800mm lengths. You’ll need 24 of these.

Cut your framing timber in 950mm lengths. You’ll need four of these.

Handy Hint
To save time and make the job easier, you can always get Bunnings to cut the timber for you.

diy-compost-bin_296x296 diy-compost-bin_296x296

Step 2: Assemble Two Sides

Lay two of the framing pieces of timber out on a flat surface 800mm apart. Place the planks on top with a 10mm gap between each plank. Secure them to the framing timber using the 50mm galvanised screws. Make sure one plank is flush with the top and one is flush with the bottom. Once you’ve made one side, lay out two more framing pieces and repeat.

Handy Hint
Make sure that you don’t drive the screws in too hard – it could split the timber. First, drill guide holes. Then drive the screws in.

make-your-own-compost-bin_296x296 make-your-own-compost-bin_296x296

Step 3: Screw the Sides Together – Part 1

Stand your two completed sides up and join them together with a top plank and bottom plank secured with clamps. Then screw these planks into the structure with more of the 50mm galvanised screws.

homemade-compost-bin_296x296 homemade-compost-bin_296x296

Step 4: Screw the Sides Together – Part 2

Once you’ve finished the third side, spin the compost bin around and secure the planks on the fourth side.

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