How to lay vinyl plank flooring

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How to lay vinyl plank flooring

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Breathe new life into your floors by upgrading your floorboards with these easy-to-install, waterproof Hanwood Hybrid Vinyl Planks. You can even lay them over your existing flooring!

Tools and materials

6mm spacers

Hanwood 1.823sqm Highland Oak Hybrid Vinyl Planks



Rubber mallet


Safety gloves

Tape measure

Utility knife

tools and materials

1. Measure up

First things first – measure up the space you’re working with and head in store to Bunnings to purchase your flooring. The great thing about this particular type of floor covering is that it can be installed above any type of existing flooring and it’s also safe to use above underfloor heating. If you’re laying over the top of something else, just make sure you have no loose floorboards and that your surface is clean and flat before you get started.

Laying vinyl planks

2. Start laying your vinyl planks

Once you’ve purchased your vinyl flooring you’re ready to get started. Start laying your planks left to right using 6mm spacers to create an expansion gap and make sure your planks are 6mm from the wall on either side. The great thing about this flooring is that it already has underlay beneath it so there’s no need to install this as well. Genius! Start laying your vinyl planks, making sure the flat side is up against the wall and the tongue side is facing out. Your planks will slot into one another.

Laying vinyl planks

3. Join your planks

Before clicking your planks together, make sure the end join is positioned correctly. Once aligned and positioned use a rubber mallet to secure them. Make sure you hit the join, and after clicking it in, make sure it’s smooth to touch.

Laying vinyl planks

4. Customise

These planks come in standard lengths, but we’re going to stagger ours to create interest and also to add extra stability to our floor. If you need to cut your boards, use a square to make sure everything is straight and a utility knife to cut – wear protective gloves when doing this bit. Hold your knife at a right angle, then cut a few times to make sure you’re all the way through the laminate. Once you’ve made your cut, flip your piece over and snap – it will break off at exactly the right spot. So satisfying! Hold your larger pieces at a 30-degree angle, then click into place.

Laying vinyl planks

5. Stagger your pieces

If you’re doing a staggered effect, alternate long and short pieces – repeat this process until your flooring is done. Here’s a tip – after every row, push back to make sure it’s all tight with no gaps. You can use a scrap piece of plank and a hammer to tap against the last row.

Laying vinyl planks

6. Remove your spacers

Once you’ve laid all your flooring you’re good to remove your spacers. Don’t take them out before you’re done – just keep adding more as you go. Once your floor is installed and your spacers are removed you’re ready to install your choice of skirting.

Laying vinyl planks

7. Walking on a dream

You’re done! And how great does it all look? Plus, bonus – not only is your new flooring is waterproof, and it also comes with a 25-year warranty!

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