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You can never have enough storage space in your bathroom. That’s why these wooden towel shelves are the perfect addition to any bathroom. They’re easy to make and we’ll show you how.
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Step by Step Instructions

1 Have the wood pre-cut
2 Cut the timber to the correct depth
3 Cut the reinforcing bars
4 Varnish the shelves
5 Find the centre of the studs
6 Drill the holes for the reinforcing bars
7 Drill the holes in the shelves
8 Mount the shelves
9 Place your items on the shelves
  • Step 1. Have the wood pre-cut

    To make the job even easier, work out the length you want your shelves to be and have timber cut to the right size at selected Bunnings stores. Our shelves are 700mm long.

  • Step 2. Cut the timber to the correct depth

    Use the square to measure and mark the depth of the timber, which in our case is 200mm from a 290mmm depth. Use your spirit level to draw the line you’ll be cutting along. Clamp the timber in place and use the jigsaw to cut it to the right width.

  • Step 3. Cut the reinforcing bars

    Clamp the reinforcing bars to your workbench. Put on your safety glasses and earmuffs. Use the grinder to cut the 12mm reo bars into the correct length, which in our case is 150mm. You will need six bars, two for each shelf.

  • Step 4. Varnish the shelves

    Use a paint brush to apply a marine grade varnish to the shelves and leave them to dry. This will help protect them from the moisture in the bathroom.


  • Step 5. Find the centre of the studs

    Use the stud finder to locate the centre of your studs where you’re going to mount your shelves. You will need to mark two studs per shelf. Because we are making three shelves, we have made six marks. When measuring and marking, it’s a good idea to use a spirit level between studs to ensure your shelves will be even. 

  • Step 6. Drill the holes for the reinforcing bars

    Use a 12mm spade bit to drill the six holes in the wall and into your stud, which in our case is a depth of 70mm deep. Use a rubber mallet to insert the reinforcing bar into the holes. Make sure you leave enough of the bars sticking out so you can attach the shelves to them.

  • Step 7. Drill the holes in the shelves

    Place your shelves on the bars to work out where the holes should be. Make your marks on top of the shelves, and transfer those measurements to the back of each. Clamp the shelves to your workbench and drill in the holes deeper than the wall to fit the bars, which in our case is 80mm. Make sure you drill straight, so that the shelves will sit level.

  • Step 8. Mount the shelves

    After drilling the holes in the back of the shelves, insert the reinforcing bars into them. If you need to, gently tap the shelves with a rubber mallet so they are flush with the wall.

  • Step 9. Place your items on the shelves

    Now that you’re finished, all you have to do is place your items on the shelves. They’re great for towels, toiletries and even plants.
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