How to install acrylic shower walls

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How to install acrylic shower walls

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Project Overview

Find out how to install acrylic shower walls and give them a watertight seal. Starting with how to use a hole saw to neatly cut holes for your plumbing. Then we’ll take you through other tools you need to do the job properly.
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Time Required

Done in a Day

Done in a Day

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Step by Step Instructions

1 Prepare the acrylic shower walls for installation
2 Install the acrylic walls in the shower
3 Seal the joins between the base and the acrylic shower walls
  • Step 1. Prepare the acrylic shower walls for installation

    Use a pair of tin snips to cut notches out of the bottom corners of the acrylic. This will make it fit neatly over the rim of the shower base. Then measure up where your shower fittings are and use a hole saw to cut holes for them. To keep the front of the acrylic neat, drill a pilot hole from the front, then turn it over and cut through from the back.
  • Step 2. Install the acrylic walls in the shower

    Get another person to help you hold the walls in place while you check the holes line up. Then flatten the walls and trace around the edges with a pencil. Now take the walls away and cover the area you’ve marked out with construction adhesive. Once the adhesive is on, firmly push the walls into place and hold them until the adhesive starts to set.
  • Step 3. Seal the joins between the base and the acrylic shower walls

    Now you are ready to finish the job by laying a bead of ‘wet areas’ silicone to join the walls and shower base. Check out our video on How to Silicone a Gap if you’d like to know more.
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