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How To Build a Wooden Bath Mat

This stylish, contemporary wooden bath mat is a simple project you can put together in an afternoon.

how-to-make-wooden-bath-mat_296x296 how-to-make-wooden-bath-mat_296x296

Step 1: Cut Your Timber

Cut six planks of timber at 800mm and three timber supports at 400mm.

diy-timber-bath-mat_296x296 diy-timber-bath-mat_296x296

Step 2: Space the Planks

Line up the six 800mm planks on a flat surface using a pencil to create even gaps between each plank.

diy-shower-mat_296x296 diy-shower-mat_296x296

Step 3: Pre-Drill Holes

With your planks neatly spaced and lined up, place the timber supports on top using clamps to secure them if necessary. Merbau is a hardwood so it’s essential that you pre-drill all your screw holes. Pre-drilling makes sure the screws go all the way in and helps stop the timber splitting.

make-your-own-shower-mat_296x296 make-your-own-shower-mat_296x296

Step 4: Countersink the Holes

To make sure your screws go all the way into the timber and the heads don’t poke out, it’s good to countersink your drill holes.

merbau-bath-mat_296x296 merbau-bath-mat_296x296

Step 5: Screw the Pieces Together

Screw all the pieces together using the 30mm galvanised screws.

Handy Tip
Make sure that you don’t drive the screws in too hard – it could split the timber.

how-to-make-bathmat_296x296 how-to-make-bathmat_296x296

Step 6: Sand the Edges

Round off all the sharp external edges so that you’re not in danger of picking up a splinter in your feet when you step out of the shower.

homemade-wood-bath-mat_296x296 homemade-wood-bath-mat_296x296

Step 7: Sand the Surface

Give the surface of the mat a light sand so that it feels smooth to the touch.

diy-timber-floor-mat_296x296 diy-timber-floor-mat_296x296

Step 8: Apply Decking Oil

Use decking oil to give the mat the look that matches your bathroom. Remember, this will also be the waterproof barrier to protect the timber so you can afford to be generous.

If you’re not sure about colour matching, you can always use an offcut piece of timber to paint some colour test strips, one with one coat, one with two coats and a third with three coats for a rich darker colour.

Handy Tip
Every coat of decking oil will cause timber fibres to swell, giving the surface a slightly rough-to-the-touch feeling. To make sure your mat has a beautiful, smooth finish, once each coat of decking oil is dry, give the surface a very light hand sand.

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