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DampFree 3.4kg Refill Crystals

4.9 (51)

I/N: 0011485

DampFree 3.4kg Refill Crystals

DampFree 3.4kg Refill Crystals

4.9 (51)

I/N: 0011485


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  • Pulls excess moisture from the air to create a damp free environment
  • Protects against dampness, rust and musty odours
  • Use with any spill proof moisture absorber container
  • Resealable bottle with safety lock cap to prevent unwanted crystal activation
  • Absorbs up to 6.8L of moisture over 12 months
The DampFree Refill Crystals create an easy, hands-off approach to a damp free environment.

The Crystal formula works by gradually pulling moisture from the air and protecting against dampness, rust and musty odours that could damage your things.

Using the Crystals is easy. Grab any spill proof moisture absorber container, following the refill instructions of the container and place in your desired location. The moisture-hungry-magnets will work to grab moisture from the air as they dissolve over time, leaving the captured moisture in your container. And with the non-toxic formula, it is easy to dispose of the residual water.

These Refill Crystals can absorb up to 6.8L of moisture and lasts up to 12 months depending on temperature and conditions. The resealable lid on this bottle is air-tight and includes a safety lock cap to ensure the Crystals don’t activate before you need them!

Overly humid environments also present opportunities for mould and mildew growth, leading to allergens that trigger Asthma and other respiratory problems.

Do not use near metal and leather goods.












Easy To Carry

Total Weight 3.7kg


Model Name
DampFree 3.4kg Refill Crystals
Model Number
Calcium Chloride


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