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BBQ Buddy

BBQ Buddy 3 Piece Pizza Stone Set

5 (1)

I/N: 3170908

5 (1)

I/N: 3170908

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  • Turn your BBQ into a gourmet pizza oven
  • Includes 33cm round ceramic pizza stone, wire stand with handles and stainless steel cutter
  • Suitable for BBQs and ovens

Achieve the perfect pizza crust with the BBQ Buddy Pizza Stone Set.

The ceramic pizza stone provides even heat distribution and absorbs moisture, giving you a perfect, crisp base every time. Easily transfer your pizza from the BBQ to the table with the serving stand and cut to size with the included cutter.

The stones can be used for baking pizzas, breads, pastries and even cookies! It is the perfect addition to any pizza lover's kitchen!












Easy To Carry

Total Weight 1.95kg


Model Name
Pizza Stone Set - 3pc
Model Number
Corderite ceramic, steel, stainless steel


• It is important to never place your pizza stone on a hot cook top, as the uneven heating could cause the stone to crack.<br>• Always use oven gloves when handling the hot stone to avoid accidental burns.<br>• Do not cut directly on the pizza stones<br>• Do not place hot stone directly onto counter or table top<br>• Do not place in microwave<br>• Do not place in dishwasher<br>• Do not use soap, as the stones surface is porous<br>• To clean simply use a spatula to scrape or brush away any crumbs or dropped toppings. Then use a clean dry cloth to wipe.<br>• If washing is required, allow the stone to cool completely. Then rise with hot water and a clean soap free cloth.<br>• You will notice your stone will darken in colour with use; this is normal and will not affect the performance of the pizza stone.


We will gladly assist with returns and exchanges of this product in accordance with our returns and exchanges policy.


• Assemble your BBQ Buddy pizza stone on the grill section of your BBQ prior to turning on. On a low heat, pre-heat your BBQ pizza stones, close hood. If using an oven, place your BBQ Buddy pizza stone kit on oven rack and pre-heat in oven for 15min at 200˚C.
WARNING: Do not place cold stones into hot BBQ or oven, as the stones will crack. The stones must warm gradually.
• While the stones are warming, start to prepare your pizza or other gourmet delicacy.
• Once the stones have pre-heated, open the BBQ hood and place your pizza’s on the hot stones, use the pizza peel to assist you. To prevent the pizza from sticking to the stone, lightly dust the stone with some cornmeal, polenta or semolina flour. Baking paper can also be used.
• Bake your pizza for approximately 20-30 minutes at a temperature of 200˚C, or until the crust is golden. Note times may vary depending on the thickness of the pizza base and toppings used.

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