3.3L Bird of Paradise - Strelitzia reginae

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3.3L Bird of Paradise - Strelitzia reginae
Picture is a guide only and may differ slightly
3.3L Bird of Paradise - Strelitzia reginae
Picture is a guide only and may differ slightly
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Product Description

This very popular 'Bird of Paradise' is the smaller growing type. Nice lush tropical leaves which can be used for floral art along with the stunning flower that is produced mainly in winter/spring but do sporadically flower through the year if they are in the right spot.
A great addition to any garden.

  • Striking exotic flowers
  • Low maintenance
  • Hardy to most soil types
  • Slow growing
  • Cut flower

Product Details

Product Dimensions (mm)
W:180 H:220 L:180
Common Name
Bird of Paradise
Botanical Name
Strelitzia reginae
Pot Size (mm)
Fully Grown Height (please specify mtr or cm)
1.2m approx
Fully Grown Width (please specify mtr or cm)
1-1.5m approx
Planting Tips
Good for that tropical look or as a back drop. Grows best in bright light and well-drained soil
Foliage Colour
Light to dark green
Flower Colour
Orange or yellow in colour with dark blue tongues emerging from green boat-shaped bracts
Recommended Planting Months Nth Island
All Year
Flowering Months Nth Island
Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov

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